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Something new. Still deciding on if I’ll put a fade out type outro or leave it as it.

Please share it around if you like it!

Blogs: If you need a download send me a message. Posts/shares are very appreciated!

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Remix of Home. Share with friends!

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Up for free download! Share and enjoy!

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Rome on SoundCloud

Check out my Soundcloud and message me if you’re bored!

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Song under a new solo project alias of mine.

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Two remixes I did of Mama Cass - Make Your Own Kind of Music. Would be awesome to get help sharing these around!


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Recorded this mix as a free download to thank all of you for the support. With your help I’ve been able to get past 70,000 total plays (47k on Soundcloud & 26.5k on iComp). Couldn’t have done it without you.. Thank you! Comment and share if you like it.

Electrophile - Jazz & Groove
GRiZ - Smash The Funk
K+Lab - Need To Know (Blunt Instrument Remix)
Pegboard Nerds - Fire in the Hole
Excision, Datsick - Deviance (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Excision, Downlink - Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix)
The M Machine - Shadow in the Rose Garden
Nostalgia - The Other Side
Static Revenger - Turn The World On ft. Dev (Kezwik and Protohype Remix)
Savoy & Heather Bright - So Bad
Opiuo - Don’t Hold Back
Zomboy - Nuclear (Hands Up)
Savant - Shake the Room
KOAN Sound - 80’s Fitness

DJM800, 2x CDJ 1000, Traktor Scratch Pro.

Been mixing for six years now. Producing for about four.

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Rome - Abel

Abel not Able.

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My Youtube

Finally updated Youtube with music.

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Don’t Mean A Swing (Rome’s Mix)

Just a free mix for you.

Two mashups and four other songs. Been busy with production so I haven’t posted a mix in awhile. My bad. I’ll try to record a longer one when I find time.

K Theory & Myselor - Don’t Mean a Swing (Rome’s Mashup)
Aelian - Cave Funk Ft. Mathieu Lagraula
Aelian, Drop Goblin, Far Too - Loud 600 Years of Rock (Rome’s Mashup)
Varien - Nights in Bangalore (Dirt Monkey Remix)
Ramses B - Digidrop
Adventure Club - Retro City

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First song I’ve done that has had vocals recorded specifically for it. Big shout out to John Page for sending over the awesome vocals. Here’s his sites:

My (Rome) FB:

I changed the instrumental’s balance quite a bit from what I had previously uploaded so I may go back and reupload the updated instrumental. We’ll see if there’s any requests for that.

Please share with friends if you like this. Free download. Like a lot of my songs I wasn’t going for any genre in particular with this. Hopefully you like how it turned out.

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Rome - Trying Harder

First song I’ve done at 94BPM. Hoping to get some rap over this. I know this won’t be for everyone but let me know if you enjoy it!

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Twisted Evening youtube /watch?v=4z6AUAykrus can't find any playlists. could You post one? thx
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Started this song yesterday (6/25/2012) and got the full verison up today. Share if you like it!

Free download!

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Hey everyone,

We’re RomeKamura and this is our first EP. One dubstep song and one electro house.

If you like or download a song it would be awesome if you’d share with friends! This is a collaborative project between Alex Rome & Andrew Okamura. Check out our own Soundclouds and Facebook pages below along with the official RomeKamura information:



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i voted for ya! hope to see you at bisccco goood luck
bassforthebody asked

Thanks a lot for the vote, that’s really nice of you! Hope to see you at Bisco as well!